Atelier 181


Technical council dedicate to the creatives – agencies, internal designers.

The gap between the disigners ideas and the concrete creation of the industrial furniture can lead to a true impasse that motivates the creatives to revise – sometimes more than once, sometimes aven radically – the a esthetic of the projet.

At a time when images and and the codes of a brand need to be recognizable right away by the customer, no matter the place, we are aware of the impact of a design not only realisable but also valid on a global level.

The experience and the concrete knowledge that the atelier 181 was able to aquire threw time enables to avoid the pitfalls of an approach that is far from the technical imparatives (that will come out automaticcaly later on).

In a age of new technology (3D printer, composite materials, organic and eco-responsible materials), the knowledge on mill and the reality of the production plants is a real bonus in the manufacturing process.

Our additional value of the process
of creation

We are well aware of the quality and requirements in the world of layout.

So as to prevent delays generated by the unawareness of the technical aspect of furniture, Atelier 181 stands out as a strategic advantage.
What do we do concretely ?
Atelier 181 assists you on each steps of your project.


Each continent imposes its share of constraint that our experience enabled us to identify and overcome.

Therefore, we can quickly and afficiently highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the workability of a project
from its start.

You can profit from a gain of time and a validation on the choises from the achievable.


Ressearch of materials : in the same qualitative
and operationnal perspective, we make sure that the reaserch and the study of the materiels and the productions processes are adapted to the project and the design.



We help you threw each step of the key moment when the
idea materializes finally :

Technical plans : not only will we advise you but
we will aslo help you entirelly realise the plans de principe and / or the technical plans, you chose was corresponds the best to your need, we have the ability to handle it.

Supplier sourcing : our great knwoledge enables you to tend toward the suppliers who can best realise your projects, in the best conditions.

First manufacturing : the first productions are crucial steps for our clients : the projects takes place. Even if they can be a great source of joy, they can also generate a great stress : we assist you to contrôle in the best way possible the production and thus enable you to have a great reactivity towards unpredictible scenarios.

APO : the strong technical knowledge are also a crucial bonus to answer to APOs (help in the files, specifique demands of the agencies and we put together the APO folders with the suppliers that you wish to work with.


We will also help you search for partner in lighting, innovation and digital.

Our permanent observation enabled us to be part of beautiful projects of great brands : the Cartier’s Ecrins, the digital stand of Lancôme at the « Printemps Haussmann » or even throughout the project of the last connected store of URBAN DECAY to quote from it only some.



An esthetics observation

Strong of our experience in merchandising with the big names of cosmetic. We are able to work on dozens of successful launches, (La Vie Est Belle / COCO MELLE / BY KILIAN/ ATELIER COLOGNE)

Thanks to regular journeys in the USA and in London, we maintain a great closeness with the last news and the evolutions in this domain.
Knowledge which we put naturally in the service of our customers. (Bank of datum of benchmarking)